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Mech3D’s founder and chief operations manager, Ash Weston has nearly 20 years experience in 3D modelling and 12 years trade experience as a Mechanical Fitter and Turner.

With a passion for design from a young age of 8, Ash has spent countless hours perfecting his expertise in design and 3D printing.

Ash’s love for additive manufacturing stems from the ability to turn an idea into a simple or complex design and a quality final product that clients are 100% satisfied with, within a matter of days.

Over the years, Ash has worked in numerous fields including the mining, manufacturing and automotive industries. From designing bull bars, tow bars and other vehicle accessories at the age of 19 to project work on purpose built underground mining trucks for EMT Group, Ash’s experience is uniquely varied and integrated.

With six years on-site experience in the Gold and Iron Ore Industry, specialising in materials handling and balance machines, has given Ash the real world insight and hands-on experience that sets Mech3D apart. It’s this experience and the passion for quality design that ensures every Mech3D product functions exactly as it was intended.