100 Case Ammo Tray (Standard)
100 Case Ammo Tray (Standard)
100 Case Ammo Tray (Standard)
100 Case Ammo Tray (Standard)

100 Case Ammo Tray (Standard)

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100 Case Ammo Tray (Small)

With 0.5mm of clearance around the case, our Mech3D Ammo trays hold your cases nice and upright without the risk of the case falling or being knocked over resulting in powder allover your reloading bench.

Tray configuration is 5 cases wide by 20 cases long which are staggered. Each tray has the text of the case on the top front of the tray ie; "223 REM"

We can also do custom text and colour option on trays. These changes will incur a $5.00 charge per tray, Select CUSTOM TRAY and put the note in checkout as to what you want "Colour" and "TEXT".

If you want custom logos on trays then contact us: ash@mech3d.com.au

Dimensions are: 100mm x 220mm x 20mm (LxWxH) These trays are the same size as our 50 case standard trays.

Standard Colours are:

Calibre Colour
.223 BLUE
.300 GREEN

Extra Colours: