Powder Funnels

The Mech3D powder funnel was developed to eliminate Ash’s biggest hate when it comes to reloading – blocked, wobbly funnels and  powder spillage!

The first funnel Ash designed was to suit his 300WM. He had been using the RCBS Universal Funnel for a few years and eventually got tired of the powder getting blocked reload after reload.

Mech3D powder funnels are custom made to each cartridge giving you a nice stable fit on the neck and shoulder while maximising the output diameter of the funnel to suit the specific cartridge. This allows the powder maximum flow and zero blockages into the case.

Mech3D powder funnels are currently available in all cartridges between 17 Hornet and 50 BMG. New funnels are being developed each day to keep up with demand and we can currently offer 50+ cartridge specific funnels.

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