About Us

Mech3D started as a small product development business. Our very first product was our Press risers followed by our range of reloading products. The business then grew and we moved into Design for Additive Manufacturing and began to develop products for other companies turning their ideas into a reality. From sketch, CAD design, 3D Printing and full scale production Mech3D can do it all! During Covid in March of 2020 we basically lost all our work over night, the decision was made to focus on our own range of products which included Trailers and Vehicle consoles. Something that our Director had wanted to do for years! Early July 2020 we moved into our fabrication workshop and started to grow bit by bit. We also rebranded the business from "Mech3D Design - Prototype - Print" to "Mech3D - Engineering and Fabrication" We have never looked back and are continually coming up with new ideas/products to bring to market!